The YEAH! Network uses research, advocacy, and community education and collaboration to influence policy and practice in adolescent sexual health. By articulating a common agenda among diverse local, state, and national stakeholders, we are working to create an informed, empowered, and engaged response to teen pregnancy and sexual health disparities in Hampden County.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Registration now available for our May 6th Conference

To view the YEAH! Network's conference information, go to the 2011 Conference page on this blog. Email to register or complete the online registration

Call us at 413.533.9324 or fax your registration to 413.533.9327

You can print a registration form off of the 2011 conference page on this blog

We look forward to seeing you on May 6th!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Federal Funding Update

An important update on the federal budget from our friends at the Massachusetts Alliance on Teen Pregnancy: 

Yesterday, the House of Representatives released the details of the continuing resolution (CR) agreed upon over the weekend. Federal teen pregnancy prevention funding (including the grant that funds the Alliance’s Youth First project with the YEAH! Network) and Title X have been cut, but have not been eliminated. The National Campaign on Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy has a good explanation of the impact of the budget where it stands now on these two items.
Healthy Teen Network has been strongly advocating in favor of the Adolescent Family Life program, which was also cut but not eliminated in the CR. A quick summary of 2011 federal budget changes relevant to providers working in teen pregnancy and with expectant or parenting teens can be found on the Healthy Teen Network website. The Adolescent Family Life program is eliminated in Obama’s 2012 budget, so check out what you can do here to advocate to save it.